Launch date: 18th of June 2014 11:00am EST

Front end price: 19.90$

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Product description

This is a revolutionary software to find and download free images. With free images I mean royalty free images, but also images for commercial purpose.
If you make a lot of sales and want to promote my software I can activate for you a trial license. Try contact me by facebook, email or skype: my contacts are below.

Software-Box-Right-Custom This product integrates an Image Browser and an Image Viewer and it can:

  • Search on 27 websites
  • Autologin on sites where is mandatory to be logged for downloading images
  • Send image files to Wordpress Image Gallery
  • Convert, resize and optimize images
  • Shortcut2App and Command2App technology
  • Works on XP/Vista/7/8 and on Mac with Parallels

Salespage preview

Salespage is available on homepage of this site. Probably it’s a final version.

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I calculate these prizes within one week after the launch, therefore if you promote asap you’ll have more possibilities to win.

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My normal commission will be 50%.

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Article 1

Title 1: The first software for searching free images

Text: Antonio De Santis released his new product, Free Images Commander. It’s a revolutionary software constituted by an image browser and an image viewer. The first one will allow you to search free images on 27 websites and it has autologin feature. It integrates the best online image editors and tools that will help you to edit your images. The second one is a special file browser that can convert images to 7 formats, resize them, otimize them and send them to Wordpress Media Gallery. There is no limit to wordpress sites you can add in Free Images Commander. Image Viewer has two special features called Shortcut2App and Command2App. Shortcut2App will give you the power to integrate any software in Image Viewer like Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. Instead Command2App functionality will allow you to insert batch scripts, powershell scripts and executable programs in Image Viewer. It will open you new possibilities: with a few lines of code you can add any functinality to Free Images Commander like send files to multiple ftp sites, advanced image manipulation, folder synchronization, etc.
This software cannot miss in your IM arsenal!!

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Article 2

Title 1: Free Images Commander: search on 27 sites and send images to Wordpress

Text: Free Images Commander is a unique software in its genre. It can search on 27 websites. Futhermore it can resize, convert to 7 formats and optimize your images with a simple right mouse click.
It can send your images to your Wordpress and you can add infinite wordpress sites. It integrates only the best online image editors so you can edit your images without installing any specific software like Photoshop. These tools support layers, image cropping, resizing, effects, text, etc. There are also other 11 special tools that will support you in the creation of sketches, ecovers, memes and images for social networks.

See the videos and begin to imagine what you can do with Free Images Commander

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Contact info

You can contact me by skype chat clicking on button below. If it doesn’t work my skype username is: imseoarchive. You can contact me also on facebook.



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Thanks so much and see you soon!
Antonio De Santis